The Diverse Initiatives of Frontier Alliance International

Headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming, Frontier Alliance International is committed to spreading Christian thought and Biblical teachings in Middle Eastern conflict zones and other areas that might be underserved by Christian mission groups. Over the years, it has spearheaded a broad range of projects and programs to further its foundational mission. One of its flagship initiatives is its Emmaus Institutes and Intensives at Camp Golan in the Golan Heights region of Israel. Students of this Frontier Alliance International (FAI) educational initiative commonly go on to productive service in various areas of the Middle East.

Other FAI initiatives include the Emmaus Online educational program, the FAI Studios film production house, and the Haven Addiction Refuge in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. FAI also supports internal efforts to prevent human trafficking and provide humanitarian relief where it is most needed. Its public events include the Legacy Festival, a Christian film and music event that took place in 2021 on Israel’s northern border.


Frontier Alliance International
Jackson, WY US